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On this page, you will find some of the photographic ebooks I have put together to help you. I am committed to helping other photographers learn and improve their skills and knowledge. So I thought what better way than to write down my best tips and pop them into a format that is easy for you to download and refer to whenever you need them. From topics such as night sky photography to social media skills to mindful photography. I am adding new ebooks all the time with something for everyone.

Click any of the images below in order to download your free eBook. Save it to your desktop and enjoy!


We all have something special to share with the world, but sometimes need a helping hand in how to do that. These five tips are the ones that I’ve found most useful in connecting with like-minded people on Instagram

Night Sky

I have always been interested in photographing the night skies so I decided to write this night sky photography tutorial. There is something about standing below the stars, feeling that wonder at the world.


Photographing intimate landscapes is a very mindful way of using photography to slow down and really notice the world.


I often take images for my blog on my phone and shoot all my Instagram and Facebook stories with it. It is simple and effective when you understand some basic principles and spend some time getting to know your camera.