Online Photography Courses

Online Group Photography Courses

Margaret has taken her love of teaching and inspiring others to the online space and is now providing online photography courses and coaching. These can be small groups or individual coaching.

The technology available today means online photography learning has never been more straightforward. The Zoom system facilitates online meetings through video conferencing and enables the sharing of conversation and images.

All that is needed is a device (desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone) connected to the internet. A camera attached to or built-in is ideal, although not essential.

These photography courses are designed to enable the student to be able to fit the practical aspects around their own commitments and work at their own pace.

Each online group workshop includes one scheduled meeting each week, where we all come together in a virtual classroom. Set photographic projects for you to undertake in your own time as well as friendly and encouraging conversations about how to develop a style in your photography. 

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Below are a few courses!

Join me this summer and use this time to focus on your photography in a safe, uplifting environment. I wanted to offer something that would not only give you a focus but also give you actionable steps to progressing in your creative pursuits. The courses vary in specialty, and I hope that I can use my 18 years of experience as a photographer to now help you in your own journey.  

Raising your profile

4 weeks

July 26th & August 2nd, 9th & 16th - 7pm

4-week online coaching course to help you raise your photography profile

If you are looking to raise your profile in your photographic, creative or business pursuits - whether as a keen amateur or professional, this is a course that will help you in ways you didn't know you needed help!
The online course, led by Margaret Soraya personally, will be help you take a look at your personal style and brand and how you present yourself. We will touch on your personal style as the fundamental to presenting a cohesive vision. We often forget that at the very core creating work of any sort, the WHY of what you do is at the heart. If that is not present, then the way in which others respond and are drawn to you is affected. In turn you are less likely to get chosen to exhibit, speak or even sell your work. So starting at the very beginning, you will be looking deeply at your own why and your own values and this will inform your style and then your profile. We will be touching on the things that hold us back from creating this style. And how to free up and create from the heart.
Focusing on social media, websites and presenting a cohesive style online. We will be looking at your profile as a whole, how you present yourself and your work, whether your style is distinct. It is very hard to really see some of the aspects of your own work, as we get too close to it. After all, photography is very personal. So it is a very good idea to occasionally take an overview from the outside. There will be time to go through your own profile on the calls and get individual advice and suggestions. A dedicated week of coaching calls is included where you will get 1-2-1 critique and advice.
We will cover ;
  • Your personal style
  • How to free up and find your style
  • Defining your objectives
  • Branding and finding your niche
  • Websites, Blogging, Public speaking, Podcasts, Youtube
  • Exhibiting & Galleries
  • Books and print sales & retail platforms
  • The role of facebook
  • Video creation
  • Tips on Instagram stories, IGTV, Reels, feed design, and how to increase engagement.
  • New platforms to look out for.


Course Format

  • A series of 4 group discussions - via Zoom with Margaret. (1.5 hours each)
  • A full recording of each session that you can download and refer to anytime.
  • PDF's and videos available on website
  • Private facebook group


£225pp ( Creative Haven members discount )

Fundamental camera skills

3 Weeks

July 28th & August 4th & 11th - 7pm

A three-week online course.


“Learn the basics in a friendly, encouraging environment”


With gentle encouragement throughout the course, you will develop your skills to enable you to enjoy your photography and produce consistent results.

It doesn't matter how long you have had your camera, this workshop will provide a safe space in which to ask the most basic questions without being worried or feeling silly.

We will cover the fundamentals from shooting modes, aperture, shutter, and ISO, through to how to use these on location. Looking towards creating atmospheric and pleasing images that reflect what you are trying to portray. There is no need to acquire expensive equipment for this workshop.


Course Format


  • A series of live lessons including Q&A sessions hosted by Margaret Soraya via Zoom .
  • A personal look at your equipment and individual help!
  • A full recording of each session that you can download and refer to anytime.
  • PDF Booklet
  • Small tasks to practice in between sessions.
Do any of these apply to you ;


  • Are the technicals of your camera holding you back from creating the images you yearn for?
  • Would you really love to use your camera to its full potential?
  • Do you shoot on preset modes simply because you have never understood how to take more control of your camera’s manual settings?
  • You just got your camera and need to begin to understand how to use it easily.
  • You would like to learn how to create better images of subjects such as your family, landscapes, flowers or other genres


If any of these apply to you this is the course is for you!



I have seen so many people struggling with the technicals of their equipment and have created a space in which you can learn how to use your camera easily and confidently. This will make your creative time more enjoyable and your results more consistent.

I teach in an easy to understand manner, which is sympathetic to those who may be less likely to want to ask questions in a technical environment where everything seems complicated and confusing. Taking the tech out of the technicals and simplifying is my specialty.

All levels welcome, but please be aware this is a basics course and will be most suited to those who are looking to fully understand the fundamentals.

The Fundamental Camera Skills course will run over 3 x 1 hour sessions, live on zoom with myself. The format will be live teaching, suggested tasks to practice each week and interactive Q& A's. The calls will be recorded and made available to watch afterwards, along with a PDF booklet on each topic.


Cost £125 pp

Finding your voice through contemplative photography

A 4 week online coaching course.

“Unlock your inner creative”

Helping you to slow down, really notice the world, and discover your own unique voice in your photography. Margaret will guide you through a process where you can begin to connect with your intuition and develop your own photographic style. With gentle encouragement and personal attention all the way through. Everyone one of us has creative potential and this course is to help you develop, enjoy your photography more and find a sense of fulfillment, no matter what your level.


Course Format

  • A series of live lessons including Q&A sessions hosted by Margaret Soraya via Zoom .
  • 1 x1-2-1 30 min session
  • A full recording of each session that you can download and refer to anytime.
  • Please note there will be a min of 5 sign-ups to run this course. It will be confirmed as soon as possible.



Bite-sized, projects will be set to help you through this process. Small enough to allow everyone to find time for them without feeling pressured. All projects can take place at home or in an outdoor space close to home. Projects will be tailored to your own interests.

Projects can be completed in your own time and can be done on any camera including your smartphone. The aim is to find your photographic way through the course of three weeks and end up with a set of images, set to words, that enables you to see your true potential.

Begin to realise that slowing down, focusing on yourself without the external pressure to produce images for anyone else will help unlock your inner creative. The aim is to guide you through this transformative journey in an inspiring and encouraging manner.


"Creative vision is a process of finding yourself, rediscovering yourself and including your own unique life, loves, and experiences. When we open up to allow that to flow, truly authentic work comes through"

“ Margaret is a delightful, thoughtful and caring person who loves photography, swimming and surfing, although I don't know in what order!!! I thoroughly enjoyed her inaugural online Finding Your Voice workshop, exploring my photographic drivers and style. It was quite a revelation. ​"

Claire Filson